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Jr. Graphic Designer

Ann Taylor is a women’s fashion company based in New York City. As a jr. graphic designer, I created all promotions for site & digital, as well as assisted in updating and maintaining the site. Other duties included editorial ideation, email creative, GIF animation, retouching & more.


One of my favorite responsibilities was working with then-VP of Marketing Holly Tedesco on branding for company-wide presentations. Holly provided me with the brand guide & from there, I built out several presentations as well as a presentation design template for future designers.


Upon leaving Ann Taylor’s design to the photo team, I was tasked with creating a brand guide for the team replacing me. In it, I included instructions & layouts that are still used in email & promo creative today, as well as previously unused techniques that significantly reduced turnaround.

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Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Content Creator

La Bhanga is a new luxury beauty brand boasting a specific set of pure, organic ingredients, including CBD. I worked with Sarah Mona (Founder & CEO) to create a brand identity that felt as luxe, bold & youthful as her product. I always believe in letting content speak first, so visual elements stemmed from the product design and served to provide the customer with a simple but stylistic introduction to the brand.


One of my primary design objects was to allow for seamless interaction with the image & video assets I was also creating. This was particularly crucial for the eCommerce page, where I wanted to show as much product as possible without overwhelming the customer.


Several months after its launch, La Bhanga is now sold in all Ron Robinson stores across Los Angeles. You can see my illustrations here & my photography here.

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Graphic Designer
Content Creator


La Fleur was founded several years ago & was the first company to sell preserved roses. After working as their photographer for several months, I’ve become their lead Content Creator. Above operating all social media channels, I also created content for them.


My duties as Content Creator includes not just photos & videos, but emails, promotional ads, Instagram stories, Illustrations, GIFs, & more.

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GIF + Illustration

La Fleur Bouquets

La Bhanga